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    Spinal Solution Orthopedic 18

Spinal Solution Orthopedic 18" Firm Mattress

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  • Experience the most luxurious sleep with this state of art mattress which uniquely designed to give you the perfect blend of unwavering comfort, orthopedic support, and enhanced beauty. Includes wood Boxspring. Meets federal standards 1632 and 1633 fore code. Spinal Solution Located in USA strives daily to be the most reliable factory direct mattress manufacturer in the industry for the past fifteen years. They manufacture their mattresses on premises. They therefore oversee its production right from the start. They supervise every step of each mattress production and make certain it meets their dream goal - the perfect blend of comfort, quality, and beauty. Includes mattress and box spring Medium firm orthopedic type mattress Pillowtop mattress for enhanced comfort Mattress specification is 357 innerspring verticoil Made in the USA Not an individual pocket coil mattress Has verticoil, which is an offset-type coil configuration

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