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    Innovex Memory Foam Mattress

Innovex Memory Foam Mattress

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  • The Innovex Memory Foam Mattress comes with an innovative soft antimicrobial cover that will protect your loved ones and house guests from harmful bedbugs, allergens and bacteria. Knowing that you and your guests are protected will give peace of mind for a high-quality nights rest. The antimicrobial cover is also water proof. Spills and accidents happen but this cover will protect the foam underneath with ease. The cover can also be removed and machine washed! This tri-fold mattress is constructed of high-density foam and memory foam layer for extra support and ultimate comfort. Due to its tri-fold design the mattress is ultra portable and can be easily stored in small spaces making it ideal for unexpected guests, children, camping, or dorm life. As an added bonus the tri-fold comes with its own carrying case. Featuring easy grip handles so moving the tri-fold in and out of storage will be effortless. The case will protect the your sleeping surface from getting dirty or gathering dust while in storage or on the way up to a camping trip. The Innovex tri-fold with its added memory foam, bed bug proof, water proof, machine washable cover and carrying case makes the ultimate alternative sleeping mat for you or your special guests. Comes with storage bag Antimicrobial and resistant to allergens, mold, bacteria and dust mites Ideal for overnight guests Muli-purpose fold-able mattress Removable and washable cover Water resistant cover

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